The Úvain Family Matters title card

The Úvain Family Matters
The Úvain's find themselves in trouble as they could be deported back to Poland.

Season: 1 Episode: 7
Total Episode Count: 7
Prod. no.: 1RBK07
First Aired: April 24, 2000

Guest Starring: Seth Rogen
Featuring: Kamil Úvain, Sarina Úvain, Roman Úvain, Sebastian Úvain
Also Appearing: Stella Masson, Wilbur Masson, Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Riley Adams, James Nesbitt, Terry Nesbitt, Cora Nesbitt, Edmund Grimes, Mr Webber, Manny
Director: Donna Knowles
Assistant Director: Annie Waltman
Writers: Jerry Cowburn, Scott Sherman
Storyboarders: Morgan Lindsay, Mariah Wong

Plot: Most residents of Zelen are attending a town fair, held by the local authorities. During the event, the Úvain's have a conversation in their native language of Polish, which attracts the attention of one Mr Webber, the Head of Deportation and International Affairs department. He claims that if the family are American citizens, then they should speak American-English not their native language. Kamil retaliates by stating that they have every right to speak in their native language. This causes Mr Webber to organise a meeting with the family in their home, and if they fail, he will assure they're deported.

Stella voices her opinion on the matter to Wilbur, who at first doesn't want to help, but then realises that the Úvain family means a lot to the residents of Aries Lane and Zelen, so decides to help out. He and Stella begin to dig up dirt on Mr Webber, hoping they'll come up with something good.

The Úvain's fail Mr Webber's assessment, and have one week to clear out their home. Desperate for information, Wilbur and Stella hack into his personal email account and find out some information. Armed with the information they have, they barge into Mr Webber's office, revealing his family secret; he is part African on his father's side, and no one in his office knows of it. Stella threatens to announce it to everyone if he doesn't stop the Úvain's deportation. Wilbur then gives him a speech on how many thousands of American's are actually immigrants through lost bloodlines. Mr Webber finally gives in, and calls the deportation off.

During the party held by the Úvain's, Stella and Wilbur look over them, proud that they have done something good for someone. Stella suggests that they do this more often, which Wilbur takes as Stella hitting on him, leading the pair down a weird conversational path.

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