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That First Finale
Grayson and Nina consider sending Paul to Military school.

Season: 1 Episode: 15
Total Episode Count: 15
Prod. no.: 1RBK15
First Aired: August 9, 2000

Featuring: Paul Masson, Grayson Masson, Nina Masson, Harry Barvarz
Also Appearing: Wilbur Masson, Stella Masson, Emmy Masson, Shira Barvarz
Director: Annie Waltman
Writers: Jerry Cowburn, Alison Gilbert
Storyboarders: Jackson Rosso, Jonathan Boone, Rita Everson

Plot: Wilbur dreams of his family killing him one by one, causing him to have his first nightmare. When he awakes, he runs to tell Stella, who strokes his head until he falls back to sleep.

The next day, Mr and Mrs Barvarz pay a visit to the family. Mrs Barvarz leads her grandchildren into the kitchen to prepare them some lunch while Harry speaks with Grayson and Nina. Stella soon joins the kids, believing this is a parents thing. Harry gives his daughter and son-in-law a check for $3000, wanting them to use the money to enrol Paul into a Military school in Canada. Nina finds the idea absurd, but Harry explains that the school could discipline him and that he would like at least one of his grandson's to have a career in the military. Grayson asks about Emmy, and Harry simply states that Emmy is a girl, and should do something girlish like make-up or office work. Ignoring the sexist remark, Nina claims that they'll think about it. Before they leave, Harry gives them a leaflet on the school.

Later that night, Wilbur goes to his bed wearing a garlic-covered helmet, informing Stella that it will stop all scary monsters away from his dreams. Stella remarks that it will only keep vampires away from his head. Wilbur tells her to leave and goes to sleep. Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Nina and Grayson discuss the idea of sending Paul off to military school, and both agree to speak to Paul, deciding that they'll only do it if Paul is up for it.

The next day, the couple decide to tell their son about military school. At first, Paul becomes frustrated that they would even consider it, but Nina explains that it is solely his choice and they won't force him into it. Paul then states that he's happy being here, and doesn't want to leave all his friends. Nina and Grayson settle the matter and Nina leaves to call her father. Off-screen, Nina asks Grayson what she did with the check her father gave to them.

Cut to upstairs, Wilbur is speaking to himself, revealing that the garlic-covered helmet didn't work and that he'll use the 3k$ to purchase some stuff from a few guys he knows.

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