Grayson: Man, I really hate these parent conferences. Robin Hood was lucky. He never had to go to any of these things.

[Cut away to a scene in Sherwood Forest. Maid Marian approaches her husband, Robin Hood].
Maid Marian: Honey, I've just received the most dreadful news... I'm afraid I can't carry children. Ever.
Maid Marian: How is this good?! I've just told you that I can't have your children!
Robin Hood: Yeah, but babe, that means we won't have to give up our nights for those parent evenings.

Wilbur: Stellllllllllllllllla!
Stella: Dude, it's past your bedtime. Get back to bed.
Wilbur: Don't "dude" me. And I can't sleep. Do that cute thing with your nose. That always makes me sleepy.
Stella: No. Here, take the remote. Watch it until you're sleepy.
Wilbur: [Turns the television on. Theme tune music plays from television]. Oh, I've heard of this program!

[Emmy, Grayson, Nina and Paul walk into the house and enter the lounge to see Stella and Wilbur watching television].
Stella: Oh come on Gloria, don't let Ronaldo treat you like that. Smack him across his face.
Wilbur: Yeah girl, he hurt you. And now you have no money!

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