Moronic blues title card

Moronic Blues
Nina and Grayson attempt to fix an almost-broken partnership.

Season: 1 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 11
Prod. no.: 1RBK11
First Aired: June 23, 2000

Guest Starring: Melissa Harling
Featuring: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Helen Partly-Farmer, Jolene Partly-Farmer, Dr Turner
Also Appearing: Stella Masson, Wilbur Masson, James Nesbitt, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Sarina Úvain, Cora Nesbitt
Director: Annie Waltman
Writers: Annie Waltman, Jerry Cowburn
Storyboarders: Amanda Cavanaugh, Abraham Walkinshaw, Tatia Penman

Plot: During an afternoon walk through the local park, Nina and Grayson spot a dispute occurring between Helen and Jolene Partly-Farmer. They overhear that Helen is getting another call from her work, and Jolene reminds her that this is their alone time. Helen acknowledges this, but then runs for some privacy as she takes her call. Nina and Grayson walk over to a peeved off Jolene, who greets them coldly. Nina enquiries, and Jolene tells them that Helen has been swamped at work so they haven't had much time together. Grayson then invites them over, stating that he and Nina are great at patching up relationships.

At the Masson home, Wilbur begins to question Stella about her late-night wandering. Stella brushes him off, telling him that he's crazy. Wilbur follows her out of the kitchen, asking more confusing questions. Paul and Emmy are sitting at the kitchen table, Paul mentions Stella speaking to Wilbur. Emmy tells him not to be silly as Wilbur can't speak yet.

Later at night, Nina, Grayson, Helen and Jolene are having glasses of wine in the Masson family lounge. Helen thanks the couple for inviting them over, and mentions that it's been awhile since they've been surrounded by adults. Nina asks why they've been arguing, and Jolene simply answers that work has been disrupting them both. Nina suggests that they speak to a counsellor, and she gives them Dr Turner's number.

At the scheduled appointment, Helen and Jolene await patiently, with Grayson and Nina by their side for moral support. Sitting in the waiting room is Cora Nesbitt, James Nesbitt and Sarina Úvain, who all look grumpy to be their. Dr Turner enters the room, and asks for Helen and Jolene to come in. An hour passes, they exit and make another appointment with Dr Turner. Both Helen and Jolena thank Nina and Grayson for helping them.

Meanwhile, Wilbur decides to follow Stella out of the house, and follows her to the Partly-Farmer home. She stays there for half an hour, and exits. It finally clicks into Wilbur's head, and he rushes home. When he sees her in the morning, he whispers to her that he is good for her. Stella looks to Wilbur who grins back at her.