Losing trinity
Episode title card.

Losing Trinity
Religion takes over as the Grimes family wants everyone to support Jesus.

Season: 1 Episode: 2
Total Episode Count: 2
Prod. no.: 1RBK02
First Aired: March 20, 2000

Featuring: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Stella Masson, Wilbur Masson
Also Appearing: Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Edmund Grimes, Ellen Grimes, Riley Adams, Kamil Úvain, Sebastian Úvain, Cora Nesbitt, Linda Powers, Fabian Cosmala
Director: Barry Vixon
Writers: Annie Waltman, Jerry Cowburn
Storyboarders: Mariah Wong, Karen Greene, Jackson Rosso

Plot: The episode begins with Kamil and Grayson sitting in the Úvain family room. Sebastian is with them, but he's too interested in his music to notice them sitting beside him. Kamil mentions that he's been lonely since Terry took Roman to Krakow last weekend and has tried his hardest knocking one out, but can't seem to do it himself anymore. Grayson suggests that he watches some porn, but Kamil retaliates, saying he has a "banger of a wife, why waste time watching naked women throw cards on each other?". The subject then switches to the Grimes family, Grayson mentioning that Nina was going to throw a dinner party for them returning tomorrow. Kamil then mentions how they've not been the same since their son died in the accident, Grayson nods and says that he is glad he only has a daughter a son. He then states that "Wilbur doesn't count until he gets a full pubis".

Over at the Masson family home, Stella is sitting at the kitchen table, reading "1001 Ways to Scare a Dog" when she interrupted by Wilbur running butt naked into the kitchen, screaming. It takes a few minutes for Stella to calm him down, and when he does, he states that he has sharp pains coming from his head. Stella chuckles, and explains that he is suffering from a headache; this causes Wilbur to start crying again. Stella calms him down and explains that he should just go and sleep it off and that it'll be gone by tomorrow. Wilbur whispers some threatening words under his break as he exits.

The next day, the Masson's have a full house sweep, making sure that their house was all ready for their guests. According to Nina Masson in a conversation with her daughter, states that Riley Adams, the Nesbitts, their daughter Cora, lesbian couple Helen and Jolene Partly-Farmer and Kamil and his son, Sebastian, were all going to be welcoming the Grimes back to town. While cleaning, Wilbur informs Stella that she was wrong and his "headsore" was still there. Stella exhales, and explains that sometimes he has to take some special medicine for it. Wilbur grunts and walks away. Stella returns to her task.

Later at night, the dinner party is in full swing. Nina says that it's a shame that Cora's parents couldn't make it. Cora slyly mentions that her parents don't really like the Masson's too much. Nobody seems to have noticed her comment. During the meal, the Grimes' mention that their year travelling really helped them and that they're pleased to have taken it and that they have now found a new path; the path of righteous. Grayson says that he once found that same path, but lost it after he found out Captain Funbird wasn't real. Ignoring Grayson, Ellen states that they plan to include everyone on their path to righteousness. Everyone laughs, thinking it's a joke, but are actually unaware as to how true they are.

During the next several days, Edmund and Ellen attempt to turn every citizen of Zelen into religious believers. They begin with Riley Adams, trying to cleanse her of her sexual sins. This results in Riley soccer-punching Edmund and threatening to do more than punch him if he ever tries to touch her again. They then try to force Paul Masson into dying his hair into a classical blonde color, but this results in Paul's hair being damaged. Lastly, they manage to pass a notion that it is the law to go to Church every night to do an evenly prayer.

Nina Masson, fed up of all of the changes and the way her children were talking about the Grimes', decides to call them over and explains that moderation is the key. She states that she can never understand the loss of a child and hopes that it will never happen to her, and that she can only imagine the pain. She says that she is happy they found a cure to their pain but points out that they have no morally or legal right to involve everyone else with it. Edmund and Ellen let out sighs of exhaustion and apologise to everyone for acting the way they did.

Before the episode ends, Wilbur pulls Stella away from the family, who are watching television in the family room, and shows her a way to get rid of his headache. He puts on a baseball cap with screwdrivers popping out of them. A comical "to be continued" sign appears on the screen and the episode ends there.