Grayson Jason Masson is one of the main characters in Power Mom!, and is the current husband to Nina. He was formerly married to Iona Cherish, as revealed in Season 8, episode 12 "The Cherish Complex". They divorced two months before Grayson married Nina, and when Nina was five months pregnant with Emmy. Together, with Nina, he has three children; Emmy, Paul and Wilbur. They also own a cat, Stella, with whom Grayson is completely close with, although this isn't shown in the early seasons. He lives with his family on 715 Aries Lane in the city of Zelen, New Jersey.

Grayson is voiced by Jerry Cowburn. Cowburn, so far, has voiced 37 voices on the show, including Wilbur, Harry Barvarz, Jason Masson, James Nesbitt and Fabian Cosmala. In Season 12, a new family moved onto Aries Lane, Cowburn voices the patriarch of that family; Marvin O'Donnell.


Grayson Jason Masson was born to hippie-living self-proclaimed soul adventurers, Jason and Macey Masson. Grayson is an only child, and his mom and dad have no known siblings, so Grayson had a bit of a lonely childhood. His parents made up for that, however, by dragging Grayson along to everyone of their hippie conventions, and taught him to be eco-friendly. Because of his parent's beliefs, Grayson missed a lot of school, not being able to attend a lot of classes. Surely enough, when Grayson reached the age of 18, he announced that he wanted to go to the local college, where he met Iona Cherish, a loveable and bubbly cheerleader. They both rushed into a marriage, but realised that they didn't love each other, but didn't want to go through the tiring amounts of paperwork.

In his third year of college, he met posh living citizen Nina Masson, and they both fell in love. Grayson even got her pregnant, and both decided to get married. Grayson decided to divorce Iona, and married Nina, and moved into her home town of Zelen. Together, they had three children and a pet cat. When Wilbur was born, his parents got in contact with him, and hoped they would be welcomed back into his life. Mr and Mrs Masson Snr. move to Zelen in "A-Masson Hippies".


Grayson is at first portrayed as a stereotypical father, but within a few minutes of "What a Pilot!", he is shown to be otherwise. In earlier seasons (S1-S3), he actually participates in his fatherly duties, but after S4, he begins to spend less time with his children, only if he feels the need to do so.

Grayson is best friends with bisexual financial advisor, Riley Adams, who happens to be his next door neighbor. Grayson seems to think that Riley is the coolest person on the block as she participates in girl-on-girl action frequently and always tells him what happens in great detail. Riley has also shown to be supportive of her neighbor's financial aid, and assists them with their yearly bank numbers. However, at times, Riley and Grayson do bang heads, as Riley sometimes becomes angry with Grayson when he objectifies women. Although, the two friends make-up with each other all the time.

Grayson's wife, Nina, is not as supporting of his friendship with Riley as she believes Riley wants to seduce him, but Grayson has told her continuously that the pair are only just friends.

Grayson has a tri-bro-romance with Kamil Úvain and James Nesbitt, who lives with their families on his block. The three of them enjoy to go fishing, hanging out at the Greenies and creating mayhem all over town. They have recently accepted Marvin O'Donnell into their friendship group, who moved onto Aries Lane in Season 12, replacing the Grimes family.

In current seasons, Grayson has shown signs of friendship towards the family cat, Stella. Stella has began taking part in some activities with Grayson and his friends, albeit finding most of their activities illegal.


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  • Grayson is one of three characters to be an only child on the show, the other two being Cora Nesbitt (formerly; her mom has a baby boy in Season 11) and Fabian Cosmola.


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