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This is the Power Mom! Wiki Episode Guide. This article gives detailed information on every episode from the Power Mom! series. For a simple, list view, see here.

Season Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired Nielsen ratings
First aired Last aired Rank Viewers
(in millions)
1 15 March 13, 2000 August 9, 2000 27 10.37
2 19 June 6, 2001 November 1, 2001 29 11.04
3 23 April 8, 2002 October 26, 2002 26 11.26
4 21 July 13, 2003 December 9, 2003 24 12.31
5 21 August 2, 2004 February 16, 2005 27 11.82
6 23 October 12, 2005 May 30, 2006 23 10.92
7 22 November 10, 2006 April 17, 2007 19 11.77
8 20 October 11, 2007 June 7, 2008 22 9.61
9 18 January 14, 2008 May 2, 2008 23 11.27
10 19 October 8, 2009 March 19, 2010 17 13.46
11 19 June 15, 2014 November 5, 2014 18 12.84
12 20 March 2, 2015 September 12, 2015 19 11.27
13 21 May 9, 2016 August 23, 2016 18 13.18
14 24 May 11, 2017 September 2, 2017 19 13.12
15 24 May 18, 2018 TBA TBA TBA

Season 1: 2000

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
What a pilot title card "What a Pilot!" March 13, 2000 1RBK01 1 1
Nina struggles with the many requests that her children are giving them for their back-to-school needs, so decides to round up the family and haul them to the mall.
Losing trinity "Losing Trinity" March 20, 2000 1RBK02 2 2
Religious believers Edmund and Ellen Grimes arrive back from their 1 year spiritual trip after a tragic loss and spread their religious beliefs around town... much to everyone's annoyance.
That's Your Saying title card "That's Your Saying" March 27, 2000 1RBK03 3 3
Nina and Grayson compete to come up with a catchphrase. Meanwhile, Paul and Emmy try to think up a way to tell their parents about Paul's bad grade in Algebra.
ABCD Lessons title card "ABCD Lessons" April 3, 2000 1RBK04 4 4
Wilbur struggles with extra learning and tries to worm his way out of it. Stella, Emmy and Paul disagree over Kamil's family heirloom story.
The Quest for Nothing title card "The Quest for Nothing" April 10, 2000 1RBK05 5 5
Some ghosts of Stella's creep up when Nina's parents tells their grandchildren about Stella's mom and three sisters.
Drunk Storms "Drunk Storms" April 17, 2000 1RBK06 6 6
A Level 3 storm works it's way to Zelen, so Nina decides to host a few of her neighbors in the family bunker. Then the beer is opened...
The Úvain Family Matters title card "The Úvain Family Matters" April 24, 2000 1RBK07 7 7
The Úvain's struggle with an immigration officer who plans to deport the family. It's up to Stella and Wilbur to put a stop to it.
Eating with worms title card "Eating with Worms" April 30, 2000 1RBK08 8 8
Tired of his children not acting like proper kids, Grayson hires a campervan and takes his family camping in the wilderness.
The great balloon title card "The Great Balloon" May 7, 2000 1RBK09 9 9
Grayson and Paul become stuck mid-air in a Hot Air Balloon after winning a competition.
Burpin' hoops title card "Burpin' Hoops" June 17, 2000 1RBK10 10 10
Edmund Grimes coaches Paul on the art of basketball as he aims to win an award in Sports class for most basket's shot in 60 seconds.
Moronic blues title card "Moronic Blues" June 23, 2000 1RBK11 11 11
Nina and Grayson attempts to assist close friends Helen and Jolene Partly-Farmer with their partnership problems. Meanwhile, Wilbur begins to ask questions about Stella leaving in the middle of the night and not coming back until late night.
Nervous emmy title card "Nervous Emmy"" June 30, 2000 1RBK12 12 12
Emmy introduces new boyfriend, Sean Perry, to the family, and is surprised that her father likes him.
Parents night and free coffee title card "Parents Night and Free Coffee" July 12, 2000 1RBK13 13 13
Grayson and Nina attend Paul and Emmy's parent nights, respectively.
Happy deals title card "Happy Deals" July 27, 2000 1RBK14 14 14
Grayson and Riley banter with a kid collector to obtain a toy racecourse. Nina looks into starting a neighborhood watch after Cora Nesbitt is mugged.
That first finale title card "That First Finale" August 9, 2000 1RBK15 15 15
Wilbur has a horror dream and decides to invent a machine to erase all bad dreams from existence. Grayson and Nina consider sending Paul to Military school, after Nina's father offers them the money to do so.

Season 2: 2001

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Fanny packs and sombreros title card "Fanny Packs and Sombreros" June 6, 2001 2PMZ01 1 16
Residents of Zelen celebrates Cinco de Mayo. Residents of Aries Lane welcome new neighbor, Tatia Wilding.
Watery slopes title card "Watery Slopes" June 13, 2001 2PMZ02 217
Nina faces a dilemma in her workplace. Emmy and Paul worry when they scratch a neighboring car, belonging to strict old man, Mr Wallace.
James' Woes title card "James' Woes" June 20, 2001 2PMZ03 3 18
James has problems at home when he realises that he's the only man in his household.
Zero seconds title card "Zero Seconds" June 27, 2001 2PMZ04 4 19
Several characters are in the face of danger when they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Whisper it to me title card "Whisper it to Me" July 4, 2001 2PMZ05 5 20
A family game of Chinese whispers reveals some absurd secrets.
A-Masson hippies title card "A-Masson Hippies" July 11, 2001 2PMZ06 6 21
Grayson becomes ecstatic when his parents reveal that they're moving to Zelen.
Sleepovers from hell title card "Sleepovers from Hell" July 18, 2001 2PMZ07 7 22
The Masson family home is filled to the brim when each Masson kid has a friend over for a night.
Easy k title card "Easy K" July 24, 2001 2PMZ08 8 23
Grayson and Terry both decide to run a 1K marathon to prove to their other halves that they are athletic.
Cherry and linda title card "Cherry and Linda" July 30, 2001 2PMZ09 9 24
Nina helps old friend, Linda, when her famous twin sister, Cherry, rolls into town.
The poison falls far title card "The Poison Falls Far" August 6, 2001 2PMZ10 10 25
Paul attempts to cook for his family, but is distraught to learn that he sucks at it.
The story of the white jeans title card "The Story of the White Jeans" August 13, 2001 2PMZ11 11 26
Grayson wonders why Emmy's boyfriend, Sean, always wears white jeans and tries to find out on his own.
Polish delicacies title card "Polish Delicacies" September 17, 2001 2PMZ12 12 27
The Úvain's have family visiting from Poland, and soon enough, most residents of Aries Lane enjoy their Polish recipes.
Me you and the toddler title card "Me, You and the Toddler" September 24, 2001 2PMZ13 13 28
Stella invites Wilbur on a road-trip when she learns that an old friend has passed.
Young kinda title card "Young, Kinda" September 30, 2001 2PMZ14 14 29
Nina becomes offended when her kids tell her that she is not as young as she thinks.
Green and red title card "Green and Red" October 7, 2001 2PMZ15 15 30
During a seance, the Masson's accidently invite the eccentric spirits of Lilith and Lucifer into their home.
Buckley's choice title card "Buckley's Choice" October 11, 2001 2PMZ16 16 31
Buckley faces bodily problems and has to decide to get neutered or not.
Miss emmy for it girl "Miss Emmy for It Girl" October 17, 2001 2PMZ17 17 32
Emmy enters the local It Girl contest, hoping to win a new car.
Flies galore title card "Flies Galore" October 26, 2001 2PMZ18 18 33
Stella brings home dirt flies, causing her to stay with a veterinarian until she is rid of them.
Stargazing title card "Stargazing" November 1, 2001 2PMZ19 19 34
Everyone spends a night on their rooftops, hoping to see the shooting stars.

Season 3: 2002

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Auntie lina title card "Auntie Lina" April 8, 2002 3RTQ01 1 35
Nina's estranged younger sister pays the Masson's a visit, but what is she hiding?
Knocking on hell's doors title card "Knocking on Hell's Door" April 13, 2002 3RTQ02 2 36
Lilith and Lucifer ask for Grayson and Nina's help for marriage counseling.
Whatever the weather title card "Whatever the Weather" April 20, 2002 3RTQ03 3 37
Stella struggles to go outside when thunderstorms roll into town, causing the Masson's to get very annoyed by her passive behavior.
The smell of desperation title card "The Smell of Desperation" April 27, 2002 3RTQ04 4 38
When Paul hears his parents during their night-time antics, it's up to Grayson to give his son the "talk"
Nina's work conference title card "Nina's Work Conference" May 3, 2002 3RTQ05 5 39
Nina has to leave for Chicago for a weekend work conference, leaving Grayson in charge of the kids and a very ill Stella.
Stethoscopes and monitors title card "Stethoscopes and Monitors" May 10, 2002 3RT106 6 40
First special featured in the season. Watch how several characters arrive in Zelen Modern Hospital on the same day.
Son of grimes title card "Son of Grimes" May 17, 2002 3RTQ07 7 41
Mr and Mrs Grimes remember their son's second year death anniversary, with the help from friendly neighbors.
Minor turbulence title card "Minor Turbulence" May 24, 2002 3RTQ08 8 42
The Masson's take their first family flight with Wilbur, who discovers that he really hates flying.
Husband josef title card "Husband Josef" May 24, 2002 3RTQ09 9 43
Tatia's husband, Josef, arrives into town with his cool personality and great collection of adventure stories, which leaves Grayson feeling left out.
Diamonds and glitter title card "Diamonds and Glitter" May 31, 2002 3RTQ10 10 44
Nina is horrified to learn that Grayson has befriended a prostitute, and is determined to ruin their friendship.
What an alternative title card "What an Alternative!" June 6, 2002 3RTQ11 11 45
After watching Shrek before he goes to bed, Wilbur dreams of it in his sleep.
Please be red title card "Please be Red" June 13, 2002 3RTQ12 12 46
Valentine's Day approaches Zelen, and those who are in relationships want to please their loves.
Life and regrets of deila barvarz title card "Life and Regrets of Deila Barvarz" June 20, 2002 3RTQ13 13 47
While looking through an old box in his grandparents attic, Wilbur stumbles across Deila's journal.
Monsieur fabian title card "Monsieur Fabian" July 18, 2002 3RTQ14 14 48
Nina and Grayson help Fabian woo his Spanish dancer tutor, Liliana.
Junk flowers title card "Junk Flowers" July 25, 2002 3RTQ15 15 49
Emmy and Paul struggle to come up with a gift for their mom on Mother's Day, and turn to Stella for advice.
Naive sean title card "Naïve Sean" August 1, 2002 3RTQ16 16 50
Sean overhears Stella, Riley and James talking about how stupid he is, causing him to disappear.
Wilbur drew title card "Wilbur Drew" August 8, 2002 3RTQ17 17 51
Grayson, Nina and Stella are all shocked when Wilbur begins to draw erotic pictures at pre-school.
Abstract paintings title card "Abstract Paintings" August 13, 2002 3RTQ18 18 52
Paul and Stella take an interest in abstract paintings, with a motive to outbuy the best of the best.
Religion versus magic title card "Religion Versus Magic" August 20, 2002 3RTQ19 19 53
Edmund Grimes is offended when a magician is hired to the summer block party, causing him to take the magician to court.
Mr and Mrs stumpty title card "Mr and Mrs Stumpty" October 10, 2002 3RTQ20 20 54
Riley's new beau happens to have a wooden leg, which causes some humorous, yet harmful jokes to be told.
Motionless motives title card "Motionless Motives" October 17, 2002 3RTQ21 21 55
Emmy and Cora attempt to up their game during cheer practice, attracting the attention of a cheerleading university.
X and o title card "X and O" October 22, 2002 3RTQ22 22 56
A game of noughts and crosses turns into a game of do's and don't's for Nina and Grayson.
Are we done title card "Are We Done?" October 26, 2002 3RTQ23 23 57
Stella and Wilbur discuss recent events happening in Zelen which pings the question; will the Masson's be back for a fourth season?

Season 4: 2003