Eating with worms title card

Eating with Worms
Grayson hires a campervan and takes his family into the wilderness.

Season: 1 Episode: 8
Total Episode Count: 8
Prod. no.: 1RBK08
First Aired: April 30, 2000

Featuring: Grayson Masson, Nina Masson, Stella Masson, Emmy Masson, Paul Masson, Wilbur Masson
Also Appearing: Terry Nesbitt, Fabian Cosmola, Helen Partly-Farmer, Car Saleswoman
Director: Trisha Lea
Writers: Bonnie Clive, Annie Waltman
Storyboarders: Jackson Rosso, Katherine Pickley, Luis Fonz

Plot: The episode begins with Grayson and Nina monitoring their children, who have a two week holiday from school. Nina makes a comment on how her children would prefer to stay in, rather than go outside and be social. Grayson decides to fix this.

With the help from Terry, who he meets at the dealership, and a pretty car saleswoman, Grayson manages to purchase a campervan. When he arrives home, he packs him, his wife and children, including Stella, in the van. Paul and Emmy made an argument about how this could be classed as a form of kidnapping, while Wilbur mentions that he knows a guy with a better meth lab. Stella purrs at him, being the only one to understand what he said. Grayson then announces that they're all going to spend the weekend in the wilderness, much to Nina's pleasure.

During their camping trip, Grayson takes it upon himself to teach his kids how to live in the wilderness, through various activities. He first teaches them archery; which ends with Emmy being accidentally injured by one of Paul's awry arrows. The next activity consists of fire, which ends in a massive wildfire, causing the family to evacuate the forest, abandoning the campervan. The final activity is Grayson teaching his children which berries to eat and which not to eat. Stella advises him not to touch any of the berries but Grayson ignores her warnings and eats one of the purple berries. This results in Grayson doubling over in pain, collapsing.

When Grayson awakes, he finds that he and his family are in a hunter's cabin. The man found them in the woods and has gone to get them help. Nina thanks her husband for all he did for their children, but tells him that he can't teach their kids everything. Nina then points over to where the children are sitting. They're admiring the hunting trophies the man had collected. Both parents smile and awe at their children realising the beauty of the outside world.

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