Burpin' hoops title card

Burpin' Hoops
Paul learns basketball to win an award in sports class.

Season: 1 Episode: 10
Total Episode Count: 10
Prod. no.: 1RBK10
First Aired: June 17, 2000

Guest Starring: Keaton Jordan
Featuring: Paul Masson, Edmund Grimes, Coach Sanders
Also Appearing: Nina Masson, Grayson Masson, Emmy Masson, Wilbur Masson, Stella Masson, Sebastian Úvain, Roman Úvain
Director: Trisha Lea
Assistant Director: Jerry Cowburn
Writers: Annie Waltman, Bonnie Clive
Storyboarders: Stephen Morgan, Polly Warner, Jackson Rosso

Plot: Paul's partaking in gym class at school, alongside Roman and Sebastian Úvain, and the coach announces that he's holding a competition in the next couple of weeks. Students have 60 seconds to shoot as many balls into the basket as they can, whoever gets the most wins pre-season tickets for the game next month. Determined to win, Paul begins to strut around with confidence.

Back home, Paul tells his parents about the competition. Grayson only wants Paul to win so he can take his guys to the game. Nina tells him off and informs him that as it'll be Paul who wins the tickets, he can decide who gets the tickets. Paul replies, telling his dad that he doesn't care about the tickets and that he's only doing this to prove to his coach that he can do something more than run around, terrified to do anything in classes. Stella suggests that Paul ask Edmund Grimes to teach him how to shoot hoops as he used to teach basketball to college kids before their tragic loss. Wilbur then sighs and asks if that actually happened. Stella and Wilbur then get into a conversation about the said storyline.

Later on, Paul goes to ask Mr Grimes to help him out. At first, Edmund doesn't seem too keen as basketball was his son's favorite sport, but then does a little prayer and realises that God wants him to help Paul out. During their practice, Edmund mentions a few times that he hasn't done anything like this since his son was alive. This makes Paul happy.

A couple of weeks later, the competition arrives and Paul is filled with confidence. He asked Emmy to come along with him for moral support. Paul remains focussed through the whole competition and manages to score 15 baskets during his turn, winning him the tickets. During their walk home, Emmy mentions that he should go to the game, but invite Mr Grimes to go with him as he was the reason Paul had the tickets.

At the end of the episode, Paul and Mr Grimes are at the game. Edmund thanks Paul for inviting him along. Paul protests, stating that Paul should be the one thanking him as he was the reason Paul had the tickets. The pair share a hug, but then continue to yell to the teams below.